Monday, April 09, 2007


saturday 4/7/07:

woke up, and went to panera bread to eat lunch with angela before she went to work. went to firelands to do some art work but no, the whole campus was closed because of the easter weekend. BLAH. so i went home, and watched tv...and downloaded disney music all day. hercules. the little mermaid. mulan. aladdin. a goofy movie. sat around singing them. i'm a dork. will was supposed to come up and get hibatchi with me, and then we were going to go see grindhouse. but ofcourse he cancels on me at the last i'm sitting around with nothing to do. angie came over after work and i made her watch mulan cuz i was still in a disney mood.

sunday 4/8/07:

easter sunday. woke up early, to go to mass with the family. angela looked really pretty. i love it when she wears dresses. came home after church with bryan cindy riley and brady and ate lunch. which was crappy, because my mother made it. turkey. i hate turkey. i made two skin sandwiches with ketchup. not as good as i had hoped. bryan and everyone left to go back to columbus, and then ang and i went over to her house. we sat around hanging out with her family, while i worked on my sketchbook for class. we ate dinner...and guess what? turkey again. this was atleast better than my mother's...but it was turkey. i pretended to like it. afterwards angela made me watch sleeping beauty, ...i think only because i had made her watch mulan the night before. she said that it was her fav. disney flick as a kid. ive always thought that that movie is boring until the end, when the prince gets the sword and shield and kicks some dragon ass. we just hung around for a bit afterwards, with her mother interrupting us and telling us to look at raccoons in their backyard. fun huh?

well that was my weekend. it wasn't too shabby. i'm still on a high from meeting MICHAEL F-ING TURNER. i really wanted hibatchi, and i really wanted to see grindhouse...but i guess ang and i will do those later this week.

as for this week i have yet another project due on wednesday that i've ofcourse procrastinated i'll be doing that for the next couple of days.

that's all i got. later book of jeff-ers.

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Bryan Myers said...

Instead of having only 2 skin sandwiches, you should have made 4 of them.

Then you could say you ate "foreskin" sandwiches. Sweet.