Thursday, April 26, 2007

LOST minds: mother-in-laws are a bitch.

So much awesomeness was squeezed into the hour we spent with our favorite castaways this week. Scary Russian Eyepatch Guy somehow survived having his brains scrambled by that badass electric fence. Sun got herself knocked up by Jin (who was supposedly infertile) on the island, which means her death clock might be ticking. We got to see the grossest emergency medical procedure since that chick OD’d in Pulp Fiction. And we find out - dun dun dun! - that the wreckage from flight 815 was discovered in the outside world and there were no survivors. Could this lend some credibility to the popular “purgatory” theory about the island? So much excitement, and so many questions. Here are a few of mine:

* Where was Mikhail running to in such a hurry?
* Why does that Paratrooper Chick speak 87 languages? And what did she really say that caught Mikhail’s attention? Also, am I the only one who thinks she’s sorta hot?
* How the hell is Juliet planning to get her sample from Kate?
* Is everyone on this island Pro-Life or something? If they know they’re gonna die, why don’t these ladies just have their pregnancies aborted?
* Why does Juliet “hate” Ben? Can’t everyone just get along with the evil megalomaniacal supervillan?
* Where did Jin learn to be such a badass?
* How do you “accidentally” shoot a f*cking road flair into the sky? Jesus, Hurley, don’t be such an idiot!
* If you were stuck on a deserted island and some crazy multi-lingual paratrooper chick fell from the sky with this weird satellite phone, who would you call?

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