Sunday, April 15, 2007

it's time to take over the world

friday i hung out with ryan. we went to go see 'aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theatres.' i'm not even gonna attempt to explain this flick to you. if you're a fan of the latenight cartoon network adult swim series, you'll understand. it was pretty funny. we went out to eat afterwards.

saturday i went to the japanese steak house again with angela. it was good like always. we got into a fight early that night and then later after watching 'the dangerous lives of altar boys' mainly because i'm an idiot.

today i slept in. gotta do some artwork and color studies later tonight. until then i plan on relaxing. maybe reading some of the 5 giant stacks of comics i have piling up (being 5 weeks behind.) there is so much i want to do... but i can't right now. 2 more weeks of this semester. then i'll have some sort of a break, and it's back to school...and attempting to get a job. that outta be interesting.

so i'll talk to you later book-o-jeff-er''s time to take over the world.

ps- have any ideas for a comic? i wanna start making a few when this semester is over and i actually have some spare time.

pss-i get to go to disneyworld when i graduate! i'm already starting to plan...

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