Friday, April 06, 2007

it's a good day to be a geek.

so it's kind of been a rough week. my wood relief was due on wed in 3d art, and angela and me where fighting. but on wednesday i got the project done in time, and recieve a B on it -- and angela came over that night and we were up all night...but finally worked it out. so last night i came over to ang's for dinner, and then we watched the NEW SUPERSIZED OFFICE. JIM VS. ROY. it was sweet. ang and i hung out for a while until she passed out...and then i went home. today i woke up from a bad dream. called angie and asked her if she wanted to get lunch...i had to go over anyways because she had left her work shoes over here. we got mcdonalds for lunch. she went to work. i went to blockbuster to exchange dvds, and decided to drive to fremont for my weekly comics.

and little did i know...

so i get to rupps and walk in. there are all these boxes everywhere and like 3 of the employees are packing little fathom busts into boxes.

"what's going on?" i ask.

truman nonchalantly walks in and says "oh, we've been here since 8 packing these busts, MICHAEL TURNER is here signing them today."

holy #$%&ing @%$&. michael f-ing turner. well known comic book artist. creator of fathom, artist on witchblade, owner of aspen comics. soulfire. shrugged. one of the best marvel variant artists ever. my hero.

so i buys my comics and chris walks in and asks me if i want one of my books signed. just so happens that i'm buying a michael turner varient cover of fantastic four #544 done by chris gets it signed for me. AWESOME. chris gets alot of michael turner's books into his store, so i've bought alot of his signed stuff, but never met him in person. he comes to rupps for signings, but i've never been to one. he was at wizarworld last year, but i didnt get a chance to get a book signed....the lines were way too long. i was like a deer in headlights. a perfect parallel to brodey in mallrats when meeting stan the man lee. i wanted to ask him a question about his work but i was just too in awe and studdered alot. he's coming back for another signing later on this summer with COMIC BOOK GOD alex ross. maybe i'll have the balls to AXE him something then.

so i am just so happy from this i may just spend the rest of the day reading comics. it's a good day to be a geek.

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Bryan Myers said...

OMG you seriously are the absolute biggest nerd on the planet. That's why you're my cool f#in little brother and why my son started calling you daddy instead of me.

Hope you had fun.