Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i like being an art major.

i enjoy being an art major. my art classes this semester have have been difficult, but i have gained skills that have made me a better artist. art majors are the funniest people to hang around with. they all are very unique...and fun to bullshit with while in class. i will definatly miss the ones i won't see anymore, and look forward to having more classes with the others. firelands definatly draws a unique mix of students - young and old. drawing foundations was really fun. one more final portfolio, and the class is done. i really enjoy doing my last project...full of n64 controllers, boxes, and link of hyrule. 3d art has been quite a little roller coaster. i felt like quite the n00b at first, but i've learned alot. i've modeled clay before so i was ok when we did that first. the following plaster sculpture after that? a learning experience. i felt very oldschool listening to classical music and chipping away. after that we made a wood relief. also a learning experience, a little easier. and the final project....holy crap. we joke that this semester i became a man in 3d art. i used power tools...saws, drills...after every time saying "uuuuuuuuugh I'M A MAN." obnoxiously. anyways, the last project has been a handful. over the past two weeks i've been making drawings, making a foam model, and then buying a shitload of 8 foot plywood....measuring...drawing it out...cutting it out...priming, painting...listening to disney soundtracks. it's been a hell of a ride, and i'm putting up my giant sculpture on friday if the weather permits.

i like being an art student, and i feel like i've learned alot this semester. next week, i'm done... and then the summer begins. next weekend the giacalone's are coming up. saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. but most importantly....SPIDERMAN3 IS OUT NEXT WEEK. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BABY. THE SUMMER OF JEFF BEGINS WITH A BANG. later on next month a comiccon in detroit, and wizard world in august. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah boooooooooooy. summer movies. hopefully camping and roadtrips and quality time with angela. oh ya, and a summer class and getting a job.

it's gonna be fun kiddies.

stay tuned.


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