Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ain't no party like a scranton party, cuz a scranton party don't stop

Apparently, the 6 week Office hiatus that NBC is forcing us to endure has actually turned some people insane. So insane that they are travelling to Scranton, PA in order to catch glimpse of various Office locales, such as the “Welcome to Scranton” sign, and various buildings seen in the credits. The attention is causing gears to start a-turnin’, and some believe Scranton could play host to a huge Office convention and tour:

Tours would visit places mentioned in the show, such as Farley’s, Cooper’s Seafood House and the Mall at Steamtown. Lunches could feature sandwiches from Cara Mia’s Delicatessen, dessert from Gertrude Hawk Chocolates and Crystal Club soda to wash it all down.

The Marquee Cinema may be asked to feature shows from past seasons on multiple screens.

OK, I’ll give in… this could be really fun in the dorkiest, loneliest sense of the word. Thing about all the people who would arrive at the convention in costume… wearing the exact same things they wear to their own office! Tall, chubby dorks in short-sleeved shirts drunkenly trying to score with petite blonde tight-asses, Jim lookalikes longingly sideglancing to cameras that aren’t even there… Scratonicity Cover Cover Bands!

shit. i would be at that convention so hard. only only 36 more hours until the next new episode. joy.

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