Friday, March 23, 2007

tmnt day

while you were out fighting the evil footclan with a giant rat and a man wearing a hockey mask, this is what you were missing...

'the mii lebowski'


'an 8 story swan dive'

Okay, okay LOST writers - all is forgiven. After weeks of everyone (myself included) b*tching and moaning about how the show’s lost its edge, last night was a good old fashioned action-packed mindf*ck. We learned the truth about Locke’s paralyzation and subsequent miraculous recovery. We got Ben in all his creepy-but-clever evil genius mastermind glory. Sayid messing with Alex’s mind. Kate realizing there’s a new broad in Jack’s life. Jack playing piano like a junior high girl practicing her scales. And in the few wonderful moments before that patented “Pchew” sound of mass frustration at the show’s conclusion, the inexplicable revelation of The Man From Talahassee. Thoughs? Reactions? Discuss.

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