Tuesday, March 27, 2007

this past weekend.

LOST was really good last week. *spoilers* i can't freaking believe that locke was pushed off an 8 story building, but i can believe that his bastard of a father pushed him. that character is such a dueschebag that i think i'll pull an angela...and whenever i see that actor in anything else i will forever shun him because of his character on LOST. went to the japanese steakhouse last thursday. yum yum. friday i hung out with trent, he's home for spring break. angela came over when she got off work. nothing too exciting. saturday we went to go see TMNT! *spoilers* it was pretty sweet actually. i wasn't really let down. the turtles look good in cg. they fight the foot clan again. but this time around, the scope is much larger...they face an ancient evil, along with lots of monsters. it was cool stuff. i missed shredder, but as this movie takes place after the other 3, he's supposedly 'dead.' ...although they hinted that he may return in a sequel. if the movie's successful. it could be, it was #1 at the box office this weekend. also one more complaint...NOT ENOUGH PIZZA. but all in all it was pretty saweeet. my parents left for columbus, and i think my mom thought she left me a 20, but i guess she slipped and left me a 50 dollar bill...so angela and i went to the japanese steakhouse for the the 2nd time. i think i'm not gonna go to that place for a while so i don't burn myself out on it, which i tend to do with some restaraunts. sunday was spent doing art sketches in my sketchbook. it was sort of a nice day so i drew some things outside for once. yesterday was really nice angela came and surprised me at school, and we went out to lunch together. that was fun. so the semester is winding down, and the stress is rising..being that i have 4 huuuuge art projects due in 2 classes. i'll procrastinate...but i'll get it done. don't worry. plus i'm like a MONTH BEHIND on my comic book continuity....i just havn't been reading latley. i dunno when i'm gonna make that up....but i gotta. i'm behind on my shows too...i havnt watched 24,prison break, heroes, or smallville in forever...they're all stacked up on the cable boxes. i guess that's what i gotta accept when having a girlfriend....although i miss my geeky rituals. that's all i got for now.

later internet.

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