Monday, March 12, 2007

the rest of my break.

hey. so the rest of my spring break was pretty fun. angela worked monday and tuesday, so those days were spent LOUNGING. i pretty much did nothing. on wednesday angela decided to go give blood. so i took her there, and then picked her up afterwards. she asked me to, but you know...i try to avoid anything involving a giant needle being pushed into me. i already have to do that twice a week for my allergies. meh. so after that we ate lunch, and i decided to go to fremont to get comics for the week, while angela rested because she was weak from giving blood. when i got back we went back to my house and finished watching 'from dusk till dawn,' because we had watched the first half the night before, and i cannot leave a movie unfinished, that's not my style. umm after that, we went over to angela's house for dinner. after dinner, angela wanted to watch 'borat' with her mother, but her mom just fell asleep within the first ten minutes. so we turned it off, and watched full house, and then the new episode of LOST. *spoilers* which. was. kick. ass. they found the dude with the eyepatch who apparently has his own farm on the island. he claimed to be 'the last of the dharma initiative.' but no, siyeed knew better...he was really one of the others. a kickass episode. i went home after that to pack my clothes. the next morning, we got up early and left for columbus. we decided to stay with cindy and bryan for a couple of days. it was fun. thursday we just hung around the house, and played with riley and brady. when bryan got home angela and i picked up bucca di beppos, and rented borat to watch with bryan and cindy. NICE. HIGH FIVE. the next day i got villanova for lunch. mmm. cindy riley brady angela and i went to the columbus zoo. it was fun. my favorite part: seeing the different animals go poo. the best poo? the penguin poo. although seeing a gorilla eat something, puke it up, and then eat it again was quite entertaining as well. after that we ate leftovers for dinner. afterwards, angela and i went to go see 'pan's laberinth.' *spoilers* and it was so freaking amazing. i think it was one of the best movies i've ever seen. sooo sweet. if you don't know what it's about, let me tell you k? once upon a time there was a far away kingdom beneath the earth. there was a king, queen, and a princess. one day the princess decided to venture outside the kingdom into our world, and she was killed by doing so. it was foretold that she would return someday, in the body of another. so the story takes place in spain, shortly after the civil war. a little girl sees fairies, and a faun, who tell her about the laberinth, and that she is the chosen one who will return to the underground world and make everything good again. it was sooooo cool. i thought the movie kind of was like a video game. she had to do 3 tasks to get into the world. one: get a key. to do that, she had to climb into a dying tree, and put three stones into a giant toad. two: she had to get a dagger. to do so, she had to draw a door in chalk, go into this magic place and fight this crazyass monster with eyes in his hands. and finally for the third task: she had to spill the blood of an innocent. such a cool ass, original movie. i really played out like a modern, adult fairy tale. which would also make a really cool video game. get on that people. by the way, it was all in spanish. but it wasn't that bad. great special effects. can you tell i loooooved it? go see it. saturday we hung around for alittle bit, and then left bryan and cindy's. we got home in the afternoon...and angela and i just hung out with each other and laid back. that night we went to the japanese steak house because i missed the hibatchi food. yummy. sunday we slept in, and missed church because i forgot to se the alarm. (i blame daylight savings time) later, we went over to angela's for dinner, because it was her brother noah's birthday. fun stuff. a fun break. it seemed SO SHORT. i am not in a good mood today having to go back to school and all. owell. tough shit right?

later internet.

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