Monday, March 19, 2007


why hello there-- jeffrey blog readers. how's it goin? are you flowin'? how was your weekend? thursday i worked on my art portfolio that was due this morning for a while. came home. angela and i watched LOST and hung out. friday, i got up early to go to campus to work on art some more. that night we went to see her brother's school play, 'fiddler on the roof.' noah did a good job. i was impressed. saturday i didn't really celebrate st. patrick's i am not the biggest drinker. more importantly, that day angela and i had been together for exactly 5 months. so we went to where? the hibatchi restaraunt ofcourse. after that we went to see 300. oh 300. i loved it so. why did i love it? for the same reason i love most GOOD comic book movie stayed true to the original comic...well, mostly. there were some added things, which i can understand, in order to make the movie appeal to a wider audience than just us nerds. but it was so sweet. in the same way 'sin city' looked almost identical to the original graphic novels, this movie looked JUST like the comic. the colors were the same. some of the shots from the film you could put right next to the comic, they looked exactly like some of the art from the original panels. and even the splattered blood looked 'frank miller-esque.' it was sweet. GO SEE IT. FOR SPARTA! sunday we went to church at angela's church. noah angela and i went to lunch @ subway afterwards. i spent the day relaxing, cuz angela worked all day. i went to go see 'reno 911' with matt. ya i know, 2 movies in one weekend. woo who. it was actually pretty funny. all of the cast from the show, as well as the cast from the old mtv show 'the state', and the cast from comedy central's 'stella' and patton oswalt were all in the movie. it was pretty funny. i read comics, played video games, and watched tv for the rest of the day. i had gone to campus thursday, friday, and saturday to finish my 2nd art portfolio so i had no homework to do on sunday. it was a weird feeling not to procrastinate. it was a fun weekend. these are good times in jeffrey's life lately. i'm always in a good mood now.

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