Monday, March 05, 2007

don't make me chain you to my radiator

dude i had a fun weekend. it was much better than last weekend, being sick the whole time. thursday angela and i went to the japanese steak house again. i love me some hibatchi steak and shrimp. i need to learn not to eat the food RIGHT when it comes off the hibatchi though, cuz i totally burn my tongue. i think i burned all my tastebuds off. i still cannot feel them. that night we just hung out, watched LOST. too bad there was no new OFFICE...i hear there's not going to be a new one for 6 weeks. that's stupid. like LOST stupid...why do shows do this to me? stupid tv and our love/hate relationship. let's see...friday was fun. angela and i went to the mall to get her paycheck. i got a sub from quizno's and ate it at panera bread because angela wanted to eat there. but when i got there i wish i woulda ate there instead, some of the stuff looked good. why am i so obsessed with food? we came home, finished watching 'the goonies' which we started the night before and didn't finish. we got ready, and then left to go see KEVIN SMITH @ the university of akron. i love his Q and A's so much. this was the 3rd time i saw mr. smith in person. good stuff. we almost got lost, asked for directions at a gas station, then found our way. driving trips with me and ang are always an adventure...we usually have to add time for getting lost...because i have absolutley no sense of direction. but we always find our way...eventually. the show was great...kevin smith's fans are the best. they always asked the best questions. the show lasted from 7:30 until woulda went longer...maybe even until midnight...but the university was shutting it down at 10:45. i don't think angela coulda made it until midnight anyways, she's not a huge kevin smith fanboy like myself. we made it home pretty late. saturday was fun too! will and birdo came over from toledo to hang out all day. i'm obsessed with the general tso's chicken from this chinese place off campus in toledo called 'ipoh' will always brings it to trade me for pizza post. he brought that for lunch. it was SO GOOD. i miss eating that crap 3 times a week. we hung out, played video games. angela had to leave for work. we hung out longer, played more video games. then we went to pizza post. after that...we decided to drive to elyria to go see 'black snake moan' because it wasn't showing anywhere in norwalk or sandusky. i guess it's too controversial for the folks around here. figures. the movie was actually REALLY good. the previews kind of lead you to believe that samuel l. jackson kind of takes christina ricci in as a 'sex slave' but it's really the exact opposite. her character's been abused and taken advantage of by every man she's ever met...forcing her to be the biggest whore, well...ever. she's got 'the itch.' samuel finds her on the side of the road...and decides he can cure her of her 'illness.''s really kind of sweet. um, in a dirty way? he becomes sort of the father figure she never had. good movie. well, if you ignore JUSTIN TIMBERLAKES SHITTY ASS PERFORMANCE. that dude just needs to give up as an actor. throw in the towel dude. you suck ass. i'd rather watch my crap float around in the toilet for a half hour then watch you on the big screen. i hate you. SO ANYWAYS, go see it...but don't take the kiddies. good stuff. after the movie we came back to my house to hang out and play more video games. angela came over after she got off work. we decided to drink but none of us really drank except for angela...who got wasted and morphed into annhayla. it was a fun time. sunday i woke up as angela was getting ready to go to work and mom was like 'we're going to columbus, we'll be back later.' and i stopped them cuz i wanted to go too. why? because there was a comic convention in columbus! sweet! ya, i've never been to any cons besides wizardworld...and that's kind of the big daddy of them was nice to goto a little one. it was held at the buckeye cafe...which is a cool place in itself. it's a big restaurant...with lots of arcade games and whatnot. bryan and cindy took my there a long time ago. the convention was in the back in a big room. i scoped the whole place within an hour, and walked around gettting a few choice comics. i mainly just aquired some 'complete sets.' which is nice. talked to the dude that put on the convention, and apparently he does them all over ohio. in cleveland, and dayton, and other places. i might start going to those every once and a while. i'm such an uubernerd. I LOVE IT. so after that...ha picked me up and we went and picked up a villanova pizza. then we went over to bryan and cindy's where we all just sort of hung out for the rest of the afternoon. i played with riley and brady. they ate dinner, and then we went home. quite an eventful little weekend i had. it was fun. and you know what? I HAVE THE REST OF THE WEEK OFF. SPRING BREAK BABY. i wish i was in florida, or someplace warm...but whatever...i'll make the best of it. i guess ang and i are gonna go back to columbus later in the week and stay with bryan and cindy. well that's it. that's all i got for now.

later internet.

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