Tuesday, February 06, 2007

this amerasian's RANDOM thoughts.

hey people. it's been a long time. i mean A LONG TIME. ya, i havn't blogged in a while. i've been really busy lately, and well... i didn't think anything was that blog worthy. school is still going real good. angela and i are great. things are good. IT'S FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE!!!! I really wanted for school to be cancelled like yesterday or today but nooooooo. it's like below zero. all the schools around here are cancelled. not firelands though. i've been getting into zelda on the wii. VIDEO GAMES ARE FUN. i like butterfingers. LOST comes back today!!! yes, finally a new episode. and there will be no breaks for the rest of the season! i've been getting angela into LOST. first i got here obsessed with the office, now we've been watching my LOST dvds. we're almost done with season 2, and then i guess the first 6 episodes of season 3 are available to watch over the internet....so we can catch up to tonight's episode. i wanna watch them all with her first, so i can experience each episode twice...so i can get a better understanding of the show. yes, i'm THAT geeky. other shows that i'm really into lately? UM 24! duh. JACK BAUER IS THE MAN. he will save us all. if you don't like keifer sutherland, than you know what? I DON'T LIKE YOU. 24 is AWESOME. still reading comics. i'm way behind though. i havn't read any from last week yet. new dvds come out today. hollywoodland. i wanna see that. running with scissors. the science of sleep. yes, i wanna see those too. we're going to go see JIM GAFFIGAN this weekend! yes, he's touring again. the man is one of my favorite comedians. he's so hilarious. ummmmmmmmmm what else is new?? i want to graduate and move somewhere that is warm. any ideas? i'm such a wuss. i complain when it's extremely cold, and i also complain when it's extremely hot. maybe i should just build a giant bubble and live in it. JEFFCOT ANYONE? yes, a giant jeff-themed themepark with hamstertubes everywhere + genetically supersized hamsters. you know you wanna go there. it would overthrow disneyworld. i'm starting to wear dickies again. i went through a phaze like since highschool were i have worn nothing but bluejeans. dickies are making comeback. why can't school be cancelled? grrr. angela erin and i had fun this past weekend. we went to connxtions comedy club and had ipoh. it was fun. IT'S COLLEGE TIME apparently. angela and i went to church on sunday. we watched THE PUPPY BOWL III instead of the superbowl. it was much better. well it's time to get in the shower and get ready for school. sorry- i can't think of any more random thoughts right now. i'll try to get into a better routine of blogging regularly. i do not feel complete when i'm not blogging. the people demand the book of jeff. they crave it.

ANYWAYS. later.

i hope you're staying warm.

don't freeze your BALLS off.


later internet.

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