Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the stomach flu is not fun.

last thursday angela and i went to danny boys. we came back and watched LOST and the office. friday morning the first thing i did when i woke up was throw up. ALOT. and went back to bed where i stayed for the rest of the day. i got the stomach flu from angela. and it sucked. saturday angela layed around with me all day because i didnt not feel good at all. if i wasn't sick, our family was gonna go to columbus to celebrate ma's birthday...but that wasn't happening. i was throwing up, dad eventually got sick too, and i guess riley and cindy were sick as well. not a good weekend. we layed around all saturday and i made angela watch the first two indiana jones movies. oh that harrison ford. he made me feel a little bit better. i was feeling sort of decent by saturday night so we went to go see 'the number 23' with angela's mom. man...DID IT SUCK. nice try jim carrey...stick to what you do best...being the clown. what a failed attempt and an overdone, crappy thriller. BLAH. sunday i worked on my sculpture for 3d art all day, even though i still felt crappy. watched the academy awards when i was done. yesterday i went to school. afterwards i went over to matt's and we ate pizza and watched 'slither.' that's what i've been doing. this weekend was not fun. this is the last week of school before our spring break...which is good and bad. bad: tons of work for midterms before we get a break. good: one more week till spring break. mmmmmmmmmmya. well i'm off to blockbuster to get some new released dvds, and then off to campus for the day. later.

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