Monday, February 12, 2007

no tenacious d on sundays.

i bet you're wondering what i did this weekend. let me tell you kiddies.

saturday matt, erin, angela and i all went to lakewood to see the comedian JIM GAFFIGAN. i have to say he is one of my favorite comedians ever. he is so funny, and at the same time family friendly (yes there's not much cussing children.) i took the trailblazer and angela matt and i drove up to lakewood. it was at the same exact place that angela and i ever hung out at....where we saw the nintendo fusion tour. so surprisingly, i did not get lost. we got there and the place was so packed that i had to park like 10 freaking blocks away. NOT FUN. we walked all the way there from our car and made it just in time. erin had drove to lakewood from college, just for the gaffigan and to see angela and i. we all met and found our seats. the show was awesome. he was just as funny, if not funnier than the last time i saw him in columbus. after the show angela wanted to meet her friend chris, who also attended the show. we all had planned to get something to eat after the show. this seemed alot easier then it was. angela asked if i would go get the car. being that i am a KICKASS boyfriend, i said "sure" ...and off matt and i went to get the trailblazer. angela sat there with her friend. so instead of us just driving to the door and picking her up, they started walking to her friends car. we then called each other back and fourth and i ended up driving back and fourth which what ended up taking like 20 minutes to a half an hour just to meet each other. it sucked. i started to get annoyed. angela actually yelled at me. "I'M SORRY!" she said. in hindsight, i realized that i was getting mad over nothing, like i usually do, and made a big deal out of something no one could help. this is just one of those things that says to me that i need to stop acting like a spoiled 5 year old kid. maybe i will someday. hopefully. so we finally met each other, and ate at some random ass chinese place in lakewood. it was NOT good. the food was pretty bad. we went home, and angela and i just hung out for the rest of the night. sunday she didn't have to work until like 1:30, so we went to church together. angela has been getting me to go back to church. we've been going back and fourth from my church, to hers. this sunday we went to her church. we were a little late. i wanted to listen to tenacious d on the way there, but apparently angela says it we would be hippocrits if we listened to tenacious d on sundays. cuz there is cussing. and cussing is bad? we had mcdonalds after church. and like always, it was good at first, and then about 10 minutes afterwards it felt like poop in my belly. eww. i entertained angela with my incredibly accurate mickey mouse impersionation. i danced to miami sound machine: conga, and tone loc:wild thing while angela got ready for work. she went to work and i was home alone because mom and dad went to go see bryan for the day. i started to cook my plaster sculpture for art, which took all 13 hours. i watched tv. smallville. stuff on the cable box upstairs. angela got off work and we hung out. she did homework, i read comics. and that was my weekend. exciting eh? YES. TOTALLY.

later internet.

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