Wednesday, February 14, 2007

let's hear it for snow days.

let's hear it for snow days!!!! school has not been cancelled due to snow for me since like what, highschool? yet yesterday, and today have been cancelled due to this lovely, lovely blizzard we are having. yesterday angela and i layed around and watched LOST like all day long. we are finally almost caught up to the present. i bought 'wii play' for the wii and we played that after dinner at angela's house. the snow was so bad that i had to stay over at her house last night. there's a snow band out people!!! i think when we have to walk outside today, the snow will be like above our knees. i hate snow, unless it cancels school. then, i love snow. yay snow!!! here's hoping tomorrow is cancelled too, then it would be one hell of a week! angela and i just watched 'ghost.' it was pretty 80stastic. cheesy, but i liked it. what am i going to do today? whatever the hell i want! no school beeee otches!!!!!! later. just thought i'd share my joy with you.

yay for snow days.


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