Sunday, February 18, 2007

grilled cheeses made with velveeta cheese are the SHIT.

hello people. i have had a pretty fun week. monday was my like my only full day of school for the entire week? why? SNOW! thank you snow, you're the best. tuesday: school cancelled, due to snow. angela and i watched LOST all day long...and played 'wii play.' we went over to her family's house for dinner and i had to end up staying over because of more snow. school was cancelled on wednesday, the day after. that was valentine's day...which was pretty cool, because ang and i thought we wouldnt see each other at all on wednesday, because she would of had to work all day and i would of had school. nope. thanks snow. we hung out at her house and watched 'short circuit.' ate pancakes. later we went back to my place and exchanged valentine's day gifts, ate dinner, watched more LOST. man the latest episode was SO GOOD! *spoilers, nerds* desmond is awesome. except for the very last part of the ep when we found out that charlie is going to die! NO! jeffrey loves charlie. this pisses me off. let's see...thursday my first class was cancelled. thanks to SNOW, i have had sort of a mini-vacation this past week. it's been SWEET. went to my one class. got comics. ang and i went to the japanese steak house again for dinner. that place is sweet. we both love eating there. i get the hibatchi steak and shrimp every time now. angela gets salmon. mmmm. we came back and watched the new office, which was hilarious as usual. there was a bat in the office, and jim convinced dwight that he was a vampire. heeeelarious. after that, we drank rum and watched 'revenge of the nerds.' friday night was spent with angela, and her mother. we all went out to dinner at...bob evans. not my favorite place to go....because breakfast is not really my favorite thing to eat. i usually never eat breakfast. and when i do, it's an egg mcmuffin and a hashbrown. anyways, we ate at bob evans, and then we all went to see a movie. ghost rider. ok so off the bat i was expecting it to be pretty bad. it was mediocre. decent. but being the comic book purist that i am, i can't help but go into these comic book flicks with a very skeptical eye, pointing out all the flaws and inconsistancies. ya, most of the time hollywood will change the story to please the greater, movie going audience. i understand that. BUT WORRY ABOUT PLEASING THE HARDCORE NERDS AS WELL! COME ON. sometimes....the changes are acceptable, because the movie is really good. example: spiderman. but sometimes there are too many flaws, and not enough STORY. special effects cannot save a film. example: hulk. and well, ghostrider. here are some of my peeves. *spoilers nerds* ....there is only ONE ghost rider. not many throughout time. there is no 'penance eye.' ghost rider does not have this power. that's stupid. making up lots of badguys that were never in the comics did not please me. why in the hell does ghost rider want to fight the wind, water, dust and crap? that's really dumb. he is frickin ghost rider. he fights the devil. he doesn't have any spare time to fight anyone else. it's the devil. anyways, i could go on. but i won't. owell....spiderman3, and fantastic four2 should be sweet. oh ya, and 300. because frank miller is a hell of a storyteller. so that was friday. saturday, i had to go to a wedding. angela's cousin was getting i had the experience of meeting the entire sutter family. which was an experience. well, they all seem very nice. a very nice step up from liz's family...where i felt like a total outsider, due to the fact that i didn't own a flanel shirt, didn't like nascar or country music, and didn't drink budweiser everyway. ANYWAYS, angela got pretty wasted. it was hilarious. she is a really funny drunk. the food sucked. i didn't eat anything. angela and i danced together for the first time. ya, it was a wedding. it was fun, it wasn't that bad. we went back to angela's afterwards and i met her very drunk uncle. that was funny. she made me a grilled cheese sandwhich. and i learned something new. grilled cheeses made with velveeta cheese are THE BEST. YUMMY. and there's my week. it was fun. today? comics. lounging. and eventually doing my homework for art. sketches. after a very fun,'s time to get back to work. SCHOOL. sweeet.

later kiddies.

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