Friday, February 09, 2007's office summary: "and their celebrity name would be... Phylob."

A big ups/Mazel Tov to Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrid… you know the rest… who finally tied the knot on last night’s Office episode, in a wedding Pam could only dream of and/or plan exactly the same way. Michael Scott took his social retardation up to new heights this week, practically drop kicking Phyllis’ disabled father, and behaving so selfishly that we could barely believe what we were seeing. Come on… normal people just do not fart in front of the bride, folks.

On a lighter note, all arrows are pointing to the “Pam got some action” sign, after her and Roy shared some seriously sweet and tender moments with one another. Nothing says “romance” like slow-dancing in the stairwell guys. And we’re not even kidding. (Though Angela and Dwight’s secret rendezvous in the garden may have out awww-ed them.) Karen hopping around stage while trying to look all spunky and adorable? Decidedly uncute. We’re really glad that Uncle Al was returned safe, and that Stanley finally dumped one of his “twoooo toasssters.”

The only serious complaint? We’ve been whisper whistling Jewel all. day. effing. long. and are on the verge of losing our minds/jobs and living in our car for good.

As per usual, Officetally’s got all the bases covered regarding the wedding.

As per usual, we always get a kick out of what you guys thought of the episode, so if you’ve got some time on your hands, tell us what you thought.

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