Monday, January 01, 2007

an inspiring girlfriend, boar meat, comic books, guitar hero, hard cider, and feet nachos.

yesterday/sunday/new years eve: woke up early to go to angela's church. mom and dad came. ofcourse mother sat us all the way in the front. there was no one in front of us. who were the catholics going to look at to mimic because we have no idea what to do in a lutheran church. thanks mom. angela spoke the sermon. it was really good. she spoke of lots of things. my girlfriend inspires me in so many ways. after church we sat around. angela greeted everyone. i met her uncle and cousins. angela and i went to get lunch. taco bell. i really don't like taco always sounds good...but once we actually get it...yuck. i got it to appease my girlfriend. came back. ate. mom tried to get us to eat 'boar' ...which she pronounced 'hey try some's really good.' no. we will not have some "roar" today. i said "i would eat boar if i was stranded on an island with magical powers." mom looked at me puzzled. LOST people. LOST. angela left for work. i had a leisure-ly kind of day. finished watching 24:season4 on dvd. oh jack bauer. read comics. angela got home after 7. and as she took a shower, i went to get us food. i went to subway, but ofcourse it's closed. why the hell do things close on newyearseve/day? suck. so i call angie and she's like "we'll make spaghetti, go get some ground beef." ok. so i go to gardners. i get ground beef. i get italian sausage. i see cake. and i buy the cake. i bring it home. no one wants cake but me. WHO DOESN'T LIKE CAKE? COME ON. IT'S CAKE. we ate spaghetti. angela ate a small bit of cake to make me happy. it wasn't that good anyways. we watch an episode of LOST. i pack of guitar hero and we go pick up erin. we go to my cousin's lakehouse, he's having a party. ofcourse we get lost. i havn't been to this place since i was a kid, so i don't remember how to get there. we get there, and all of ryan's friends all all underage, no one that i know. kind of figured that's how it would be. ok so i love my cousin ryan. he's sweet. his guy friends: they're ok too. but the few girls that were they were TOTALLY ANNOYING. LIKE OMIGOD! it sucked. they sort of ruined the entire party for me. the saving grace: guitar hero. we played that the whole time. had a couple of hard cider's. they were pretty good. i like those now. we left at like 1. went home. angela was still hungry, so she made some 'feet nachos.' what are 'feet nachos?' well, nachos that smell like feet. duh. bed. woke up late this morning, cleaned around the basement, took a shower, blogging. gonna go to lunch with matt. later i'm gonna meet ang at the mall when she gets off to take back/exchange a couple of christmas presents. then we're going out to eat at DANNI BOYS. yes, my new fav restaraunt. yeeesssum. that's all i got for now i guess.

later internet.

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