Saturday, December 30, 2006

a parent/nag free week

so i've had a pretty fun week. easy. relaxing. the way i like it. the parents were in chicago with the rest of our family for the it was nag free. glorious. they day after christmas (tuesday 12/26) i woke up and went to blockbuster for the new releases to rent. afterwards trent, matt, ang, and i went to casa fiesta to eat lunch. we told them it was trents birthday, but they forgot to get him a hat, cake, and sing him happy birthday. owell. the waiter spilled crap on my pants. that angered me. afterwards matt and i played guitar hero. i kicked his ass, as usual. the rest of tuesday was spent reading comic books, and watching 24. mucho exciting. angela came over when she got off work. wednesday (12/27) i got up early to read comics and watch 24. ha. when angela got off work we went over to her house. i gave her brother his belated christmas gift and played super mario world on angela's super nintendo while she got ready. we went out to eat at 'danni boys' new favorite restaurant. i got veal parmesian. angela got the same thing she got last time, alfredo noodles but this time with shrimp. ooo lala. we also got garlic bread. we ate, and came home with ALOT of leftovers which i ate the rest of the week. damn. i love that place. we hung out. we watched 'when harry met sally'...i'll admit it, it may be the only romantic comedy that i actually like. ang never saw it before. thursday (12/28) ang got off work a little earlier. i played zelda on the wii. we made chicken and peppers and cookies too. trent and erin came over later that night for lots and lots of multiplayer on the wii. erin and trent kept giving me crap for winning. winning people. i can't help it that i'm awesome. friday (12/29) ang had the day off so we spent the whole day together. we slept in, we ate leftover danni boys, we watched seinfeld, we had some arguments, (NOT FUN) we went to applebees, we watched 'say anything.' an old cameron crowe flick from the 80s starring mr. john cusack himself. i thought i'd like it alot more than i did. we went to walmart to get something stupid for ang to take the our white elephant exchange tonight. ang hid from me. i couldn't find her. i felt like i was a hick, and should go home to my trailer and watch nascar...because i found two shirts there that were WICKED AWESOME that i had to buy. they were comic book shirts ofcourse. ang and i picked out some skimpy underwear to go with her brokeback mountain poster that she will take to the exchange tonight. today (12/30) i woke up. played with riley for a little bit. mom dad riley brady cindy and bryan got back from chicago late last night and were still here. i took a shower and drove to fremont for comics. now i'm back and blogging away. tonight is our family's annual white elephant gift exhange. this will be the first time the family will meet ang... she is about to experience a whole lot of crazy. tomorrow's new years eve...and i still don't have any idea what i'm doing. i might go to my cousin's party...i dunno. i'm just happy to be spending it with my girlfriend. well that's it. this was sort of a boring blog...all i really did was tell you what i ate everyday this week. super. later.

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