Tuesday, September 19, 2006

studio 60 on the sunset strip

ah yes. fall tv. all our old favorites coming back. and a few new surprises. justed watched the pilot for 'studio 60 on the sunset strip.' FRICKING AWESOME. this may be one of the best new shows this season. the show's kind of like a behind the scenes look at a live 'snl' type show. smart. face paced. matthew perry, (who could be the first of the 'friends' cast to actually don a successful tv show) amanda peet,steven weber(he is so great) and the dude that played the dick in billy madison. awesome awesome awesome! watch it. this could be my favorite new show this season... but i dunno, i havn't seen HEROES yet! what's left this week? ummmmm the office and my name is earl start thursday. heroes on monday. isn't tv great? yay.

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