Wednesday, September 06, 2006

gooooooood morning

dude. the week is almost half over. sweet. yesterday was such a long day. i woke up. went to blockbuster. came home. burnt dvds. did homework. went to cs101. came home. did 2d art homework from like 5-10. that sucked. then i watched the new nip/tuck. that show is so good. good thing aboot the fall? NEW TV! i love tv. well today is gonna be an even longer day... gotta be on campus till about 9. i've only had one class this week and i'm already ready for the weekend.

-watch this video of this pissed off cat. it's super weird.

-dude have you seen this trailer yet? this movie looks halarious, and smart even.

"stranger than fiction"

that's it for now. later.

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