Monday, September 18, 2006


what's new this week:

dvd: : my name is earl season1, stay alive

video games:;new_releases : okami for ps2!


blaaaah what a boring ass weekend i had. i need to get a life. watched more 24, read comics, played some video games, procrastinated all my homework till yesterday. i will be very happy when this week is over... i'm kinda stressed over my stupid slide test in art history. got the 'stella' season one dvd last night. for those of you who don't know what stella is... it's sort of like this underground cult comedy trio starring 'michael ian black, michal showalter, and david wain.' they were all members of the cult mtv show 'the state.' remember the state? well anyways... stella is like the marx brothers on acid. i love it. oh and 'mynameisearl and theoffice' new seasons start this thursday! that's it.


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