Saturday, August 12, 2006

wizard world chicago 2006 on youtube

seeing the kevin smith video of him @ wizardworld this year got me thinking...are there any other videos from wizard world this year? apparently, yes... there are shitloads of them...

1. some dude's trip to wizardworld... it's weird cuz when it shows him driving to the con, i could totally swear that the minivan in front of him turning left, is in fact me and oanh driving to the convention...

2. the tony hawk booth @ wizardworld

3. powergirl, hawkgirl, and wonderwoman @ the dc booth. i wanted to get my picture with powergirl but too many fanboys were following her around...

4. jack sparrow @ wizardworld...dude i got his picture

5. more of the kevin smith Q and A

6. one of the highlights of the kevin smith q and a, he got a couple engaged...

7. ok this was actually fun... before the kevin smith q and a, all the fans decided to throw all their free 'pokeballs' around

8. captain america vs. iron man!!!

9. marvel comics ultimate panel parts 1,2, 3, 4, and 5


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