Saturday, August 26, 2006

little miss sunshine

hello. i had a fun day yesterday. woke up. pooped. showered. sat around a bit. went to fremont for comic books. came back. read a few.

saw that 'little miss sunshine' was now playing in sandusky. i was super pumped, cuz i figured i'd have to wait till dvd to see it. so i went to sandusky to see a matinee. little miss sunshine may be the best movie i've seen all summer. it was rrrrrrrrrrrreally good. if you don't know the plot: *spoilers*'s about an extremely disfunctional family going on a road trip to a children's beauty pagent. hijinks ensue. greg kinnear (who has gotten surprisingly good at playing a prick) plays the asshole father... who is always preaching about "being either a WINNER or a LOSER." toni collette plays the backstage mom. steve carell gives a great performance as the maniacally depressed, suicidal, gay brother in law. paul dano (from 'the girl next door') plays the sun who hates everyone, and everything sooo much, he's decided not to speak for the past year. the great alan arkin plays the heroin snorting, ready for death grandfather. pack them all in a shitty, old, yellow vw bus without air conditioning, and the roadtrip begins. they all have to get to the little miss sunshine pagent for their little girl olive played by Abigail Breslin, a little girl who is a little overweight, and not what you'd say is the prettiest girl, or rather not the type of child you would think would want to be in a children's beauty pagent. they all pack in the vw bus and head off on a road trip full of misfortunes (almost national lampoon's-esque) **more spoilers** (grandpa dies of an OD, and they pack him in the back trunk) on the way to the pagent. but when they finally get there, they see the underlying evil which is the children's beauty pagent, and don't want olive to participate, cuz everyone will think she's a fool. but she ends up doing her thing anyways, in the climax, almost like the end dance sequence to napoleon dynamite, olive's talent... *spoiler* stripping to the rick james song 'superfreak.' imagine that. the whole movie was really great. really black, sarcastic comedy which is right up my alley. the movie shows the seedy underbelly of the children beauty pagent...which is at some points incredibly appauling... but you just can't help but to root for the underdog olive, even though you want her having no part of it whatsoever. the movie kicked ass. go laugh, and learn something as well.

so today i don't have anything planned. wanna read the rest of my COMICS. probably spend sunday doing homework. and then it's week2.


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