Sunday, August 13, 2006


ohhhh man.... it's been a long day. woke up this morning, and i still wasn't feeling too hot. took a hot shower, sat around a bit, read a few comics. layed down and took a nap. kinda made me feel better i guess. didn't do much for the rest of the day besides cough up mucus and read more comic books. i guess the mucus is clear now as opposed to when it was GREEN... so maybe i'm getting better. i do feel alittle bit better. just sat down and decided to watch a dvd. and MAN OH MAN DID IT KICK SOME FRIGGIN ASS. here's what i think about the movie 'brick' by rian johnson...

by rian johnson. i dunno if this is his first flick as a filmmaker, i've never heard of him before. basically full of no names except for joseph gorden levitt and the 'pregnant chick' from LOST.... her name escapes me. ok, so where to start. it's a detective movie. if you don't like detective stories, you won't like it. i guess detective movies are all about the payoff at the end. brick is a detective flick.... total FILM NOIR in a 'high school' setting. such a cool idea. and joseph gorden levitt (main character ((detective)) ) has gained my respect as a kick ass actor.... although i used to love him as the alien information officer on 3rd rock. the flick has sort of like it's own language to it. it's really cool. you gotta be kinda quick and listen to pick up on it, cuz the dialogue moves fast. basically the plot of the movie : j.g.l. finds out his ex girlfriend is dead. she fell in with the wrong croud. he's gotta find out who-dun-it. sweet. such a cool idea to do film noir disguised as a high school flick. there's really funny/cool scenes... for ex. while the detective is grilling the seedy druglord in a very heated discussion... it takes place in the druglord's mom's kitchen... while she serves them milk and cookies. the flick is shot really cool too. the fight scenes all look really cool too. the director shot them all in slow-mo, and then speeds them up really fast. the effect is neat. kickass movie. every once and a while i like a good, artsy, new, and original flick. this is it. check it out. joseph gordon levitt is THE MAN.

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