Friday, August 18, 2006


ahhhh it's friday already? maybe this week went by so fast cuz i was sick for all of it. i still don't feel 100% better. maybe like 97% better. what have i been doing since wednesday? NOTHING. i might go see 'snakes on a plane' today. there are alot of movies i wanna see.... i havn't seen a movie since i went to go see 'monster house' with tag and michael. i woulda seen some when i got back from chicago but i got sick right away. i still wanna see like 'talladega nights,' 'the descent,' 'pulse,' (with the lovely kristen bell) ... and 'little miss sunshine,' (although i'll probably have to wait till dvd for that, being that norwalk never gets any good indi films showing around here) . i'm being in my moviegoing. how dare me? well i'm ready for school. ready to move on. got one weekend left.... let's start the show...

the office webisode 7 of 10:

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