Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Sometimes when you are a man you put on stretchy pants in your room.... it's for fun."

just returned from going to see 'nacho libre' @ the norwalk theatre. damn. where to start. director jared hess' first movie 'napoleon dynamite' was a sleeper hit that gained cult status. no one saw it coming. but soon you couldn't walk around for five minutes without your friends quoting that damn movie. his new sophomore venture...'nacho libre' is out. and some critics are saying it sucks...that it is not as good as napoleon. oh ho ho. i disagree. the movie was friggin awesome. i think it was equally funny to our buddy napoleon if not funny-ER. same jared hess sense of humor... same style. except one major factor. jack black, baby. jared hess + jack black is a match made in heaven. you get the comedy stylings of napoleon plus jack black's persona...and his tenacious d style singing. if you don't know the movie was loosely based on an actual priest that would wrestle as a 'luchalibre' to raise money for orphans. and that is basically the plot. boy has secret dreams of wrestling. forced to become a priest. boy becomes man. man becomes priest. priest becomes wrestler. sucks at wrestling. montagues. priest is outted as a wrestler. priest kicks ass and wins in the end. just like napoleon, i think this movie is as funny to adults as it is for the kiddies. fun for the whole family. and the soundtrack was really good too. really went with the it kinda a cultural feel sort of what the soundtrack to 'everything is illuminated' did for that movie. it was wicked awesome. and mexican wrestling is soooo much cooler than american wrestling. american wrestling is so gay and fake. GO SEE NACHO LIBRE KIDS. it's wicked awesome. what's next jacky boy? tenacious d:pick of destiny......

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