Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my little obsession

dear comic books,

ohhhhhh comic books. comics. mmmmmm. i love you. you are truly my geekiest of geeky obsessions. geekier than my obessions w/ video games, movies, tivo, pirating dvds, or the assortment of many other dorky things i like to do. i collected you when i was an adolescent. and then i stopped for a while. we were apart. such a long time. now i'm back again. i love reading you individually or put together in trade paperback. i collect you every week, enduring the 45 minutes to fremont and the 45 minutes from fremont...because i love you comic books. i love my comic book store. it is familiar. it is nice. i love my comic book guy. always engaging in the most dork conversations i have (probaby ever). talking of such things as good comics, and writers,video games, to the newest geeky movie or television shows to watch. i should not worry if i'm away, for my comics will be "pullled" and put into my lovely box. i love you comic box. you're always there for me. so hey--comic books--it's good to have you back. can't wait for wizard world '06 ...WOOOOOOOOOO!!

love your friend,

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