Thursday, May 18, 2006

thursday, schmursday

what's up. thursday. no plans for today really. went to go see 'poseidon' last night w/ trent. i wasn't expecting much. it was your basic summer 'blockbuster' if that's what you wanna call it. big explosions. no real plot. ehhhhhhhh. i didn't even get any glimpses of boobies. not that good in my opinion. trent and i came back afterwards and watched tivoed season finale of scrubs. i love that show so much. now ending it's 5th season it's still as funny as ever. you're my hero zach braff. ya so i have nothing to do today...i'll probably just sit around and read. i'm such a dork.

check it out:

in kevin smith news....clerks2 is being pushed up to july....can't wait...looks like it's going to get an un-rated rating too. but more, how dare you kevin??? oh well, atleast now there's:

new super mario bros: gives it a 9.0....i'll probably pick it up this weekend

well i'm going to blockbuster now. later.

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