Friday, May 19, 2006

"Three Minutes" 5.17.06

so this is the last episode before the 2 hour finale. bring on the shockers.

previously: michael returns saying he found the others, and their camp. he shoots anna lucia and libby.

the show starts out with the words '13 days ago' ...michael is in the hatch, right before he leaves to go find walt. borrowed the gun from john, knocks him out...goes to the computer...and has this conversation with who we assume is his son...

:> you okay?

okay. no time. come soon?

:> i'm ready. coming NOW. you said north?

:> -- north WHERE?

when they take me out. there's huge rocks

with a big HOLD in the middle by the

beach. you'll know when you see.

:> it's gonna be okay. i'm coming.

jack comes in the hatch. michael locks him and john in the armory and leaves for walt.


michael is burning some paper. um okay? jack comes to him, saying they should talk. kate sawyer jack and michael are all planning their attack on the others. michael keeps saying they should go now, just the five of them. jack keeps saying they need more people. they decide to burry libby and anna lucia first.

13 days ago.

michael is running through the jungle. he sees a random dude. most likely an other. he says 'your' walts old man aren't you?" a bunch of others pop out, and take him hostage.


michael and jack keep argueing. michael keeps insisting that they only need to take 5 people with them to rescue walt. the 5 that already know. kate sawyer hurley michael and jack. jack agrees. charlie comes up to claire and the baby and gives her some vaccines that he found. tells her he and ecko are building a church. they see michael. all the people on the beach are stunned to see michael.

13 days ago.

the others bring michael back to their campsite. they gag him. jack john and sawyer are trying to find michael. the head dude of the others comes out to talk to them. the bring out the tied up kate. this chick thats one of the others keeps talking to michael, asking him if claire and the baby are ok. jack john and sawyer all surrender their guns. they get kate back. they knock out michael.


michael is sitting on the beach with walt's dog. siyeed wants to come with sawyer and jack. sawyer gives siyeed a gun, tells him to come with. ecko is in the hatch. enters the numbers into the computer, restarts the countdown. in comes charlie. ecko asks charlie to bring his things from the beach to the hatch. ecko doesnt want to build the church anymore, says he has to 'do something different now.' charlie walks off pissed. sawyer tells michael that siyeed is in. michael is pissed, ofcourse. michael gives a little menacing stare. commercials.

11 days ago.

5 'others' are taking michael to 'the rock with the big hole in it.' this is their campsite. some dude sticks a needle in michael. says he's 'taking some blood.' some chick comes up to michael, says her name is 'miss clue.' she asks him if he is walt's father. asks how old walt was when he started speaking. if he had any illnesses growing up. she asks if walt ever appeared in a place he wasn't supposed to be. weird questions. what the hell.


siyeed is getting ready. michael comes to tell him he's not coming. michael says he decides who stays and who goes. he says he has to do this 'his way.' siyeed reluctantly agrees. tells him good luck. charlie is continues to build the church by himself. walt's dog strangley comes up to charlie, and drops of a heroin mary statue. brings charlie back to sawyer's tent...where charlie finds all the heroin. he starts throwing them in the ocean. GOOD BOY CHARLIE. john sees him doing this on the beach. they smile. jack comes into the hatch to talk to ecko. asks him where's locke. tells ecko that they're burrying anna lucia and libby. ecko stays. will he ever leave the hatch? sawyer and jack are preparing the guns. sawyer decides to tell jack that he and anna lucia HAD SEX. jack goes, "why are you telling me this sawyer?" sawyer says "because she's gone, and you're about the closest thing i got to a friend doc." then saywer says "well, atleast now we get to kill somebody." commercials. NICE.

hurley and kate are digging the two graves. michael comes to help. tells them that theyre leaving the first thing tomorrow. hurley says he wont come. michael keeps eggin hurley on saying that the others killed libby. bastard. what the hell is michael planning????

3 days ago.

the other's camp. night time. michael is tied up. in comes 'miss clue'... michael asks her when theyre going to kill him. she tells michael that walt is right outside the tent, and he's alive. she says there's been a development, someone's been captured. (henry gale) she says if michael sets henry free...she'll let him and walt go free. michael demands to see walt. he comes in. clue says they have 3 minutes. walt seems ok. walt says 'they make me take tests.' walt asks how vincent is. walt says 'theyre not who they say they are. THEYRE PRETENDING.' they take walt away. omigod. clue says 'after you release our man, i'm gonna need you to do something else.' she tells him that he needs to bring only four people on a list. if he doesn't...he'll never see walt again. micheal tells miss clue that he wants 'the boat.' commercials.

the beach. the survivors are having the funeral. sad music. john doesnt attend. he cuts off his cast and walks off. jack and siyeed are walking, talking. siyeed tells jack that he thinks michael has been 'comprimised.' that 'his actions are not those of a man who is telling the truth.' if anyone would know, siyeed would. and tells jack that michael must continue to believe that he's in control, so they can create an advantage. hurley decides that he's going with the group to get walt. sun sees a boat. a sailboat coming towards the beach. WTF. and ofcourse that's the end of the show. WHO THE HELL IS IN THE BOAT????

this show is as good now as it was in the first season. continues to kick major ass. best show on tv. hands down.

next week is the two hour finale...and oh i'm sure there will be shockers.

will we find out the answers?

what happens when the countdown ends?

why did flight 815 REALLY crash?

has salvation arrived??????


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