Sunday, May 07, 2006


i had a fun day. went to see mission impossible III. first of all i wasn't so sure about it cuz tom cruise is a total wack job in real life...but apparently...he can still act. i loved the first mission impossible, the second was quite a let down, but the third...saved the series in my opinion. directed by mr co creater of LOST, jj abrams, so how could it be bad? phillip seymour hoffman can play a pretty decent menacing bad guy as well. it was pretty good. the sopranos was kickass tonight as well. this season is turning out to be pretty good. there were alot of events in this episode about christopher...he's married now and has a kid on the way?! and he's also relapsing with herion...come on christ-o-faaaaaaaaaaaa.....3 episodes left..... and this was a pretty sweet weeks for comics. got a lot off free comic books on saturday. plus civil war was this week. sweeeeet. you know, i read hell of a lot now....for a man my age. most people i know my age wouldn't open a book outside of school if you bribed them. i read a stack of comic books every week...subscribe to 3 different magazines....and that's not counting all the time i waste reading stupid crap on the internet. i think in the little 3 week break i have before my summer class starts im gonna try to re-read 'the ulimate hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' again. sounds good eh? good night. time for more tv. mmmmmmmmm tv.

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