Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the producers dvd / e3 2006 day 4 (of 4)

hello again. i've been watching tv all day. lounging. i love it.

after watching e3day3 i went back to blockbuster again, then came back to watch the new producers dvd. as you probably know by now...i love this musical. saw it twice on broadway, twice when it was touring in toledo, and columbus. so i was super pumped when i heard it was being made into a feature film. i watched the crap out of this dvd...i watched everything but the commentary. i give the film a 4/5. i give the dvd extras a 5/5. lots of good dvd bonuses worth watching. deleted scenes: 'the king of broadway' number that was cut from the flick, the two franz leipkind (ferrell) numbers that were also cut, a longer version of along came bially, with a deleted reprise, along with more and more deleted songs and scenes. good stuff. funny outtakes...the funniest were of nathan and matthew laughing like little children...a featurette on how they took the 'i wanna be a producer' number from stage to screen...and a commentary by directory susan stroman. all dvds should have good bonus features like this.

and so since i've already knocked out 3/4 e3 shows...i might as well blog about the last one now...i have nothing else to do. but then i'm gonna stop watching tv...cuz my eyes hurt.

k so here it is: e3 2006 day 4 (5.12.06 the final day) rantings:

  • the game 'heavenly sword' for ps3 looks soooo cool. looks like a combination of god of war/ninja gaiden...soooo beautiful looking....looks like it takes full advantage of the ps3's power....looks like it could be a launch title
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=6CBHLKY7ZU
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/heavenlysword/index.html?q=heavenly%20sword
  • a new sci fi rpg called 'mass effect' will be released on the 360...and oh it looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeet...great graphics... exploring the galaxy in the future...uncharted worlds...uncharted races....action rpg...guns...vehicles....make your own story....amazing...i'm so pumped for it. bioware. EPIC.
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=2E9FA7BD00
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/rpg/masseffect/index.html?q=mass%20effect
  • 'ELEBITS' by konami for Wii looks reeeeeally cool. like nothing i've ever seen. can't really explain it.
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=F7FAB6D59P
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/wii/action/elebits/index.html?q=elebits
  • 'The Darkness' for the 360 looks great as well. good graphics. about a mafia hitman who becoms posessed. you must learn to control the demon within. based on the comic by the same name.
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=H3MMBNTOYT
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/thedarkness/index.html?q=the%20darkness
  • 'super smash brothers BRAWL' looks better than ever on the wii. snake from metal gear solid is in it this time. and kid icarus.wario too. sweeeeeet. although it doesn't use the new wii controller. awwww.
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=6UXIW9ID4U
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/wii/action/supersmashbros/index.html?q=super%20smash%20brothers%20brawl
  • diddy kong racing will be released on the ds, better than ever.
  • 'dark messiah of might and magic' for pc looks cool. a fantasy/magic game set in a first person view...looks cool...sort of like oblivion iv
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=JTMBRIGWY6
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/darkmessiahofmightmagic/news.html?sid=6150507&q=dark%20messaih%20of%20might%20and%20magic
  • lucasarts has brought the big guns to this year's e3. the new indi game looks awesome...with an original story by the lucas. the new lego starwars for the original trilogy looks cool too. the first one was definatly wicked awesome.
  • xbox live has now partnerd with konami namco midway and sega....lots of oldschool arcade games will be coming to xbox live arcade, as well as alot of indie games...
  • 'ninety nine nights' or n3 looks really funny...huge environments...shitload of baddies....looks awesome
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=EFXD6PZTI3
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/ninetyninenights/index.html?q=ninety%20nine%20nights
  • 'hellgate london' for the pc is like diablo2 meets halflife2. 1st and 3rd person. action and rpg. shooter. single player game AND an mmorpg. huh...interesting. looks very unique. i'm not getting it if it has a monthly fee.
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=F2ZMDL4VRL
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/hellgatelondon/index.html?q=hellgate%20london
  • lucasarts will make a lightsabre battle game to make use of the wii's controller. NICE.
  • DDR is going to be a saturday morning cartoon? what could be lamer??
  • 'Assassin's Creed' is a game set in the crusades. for ps3. ofcourse the graphics look fucking stunning. you can't even tell these games are games anymore...they look like full on movies. from the makers of prince of persia. this WILL reinvent the action genre for next gen. expansive open environment. real true next gen environment. everything is moving by itself and interactive. f-ing crazy.
  1. http://www.e3insider.com/products/?productID=WHM38Q5UQK
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/projectassassins/index.html?q=assassins%20creed
  • no hi def technology in the wii. i dont care. i just my hands on that beautiful nunchuki...
  • rockstar games is making a ping pong game? ok? looks fun though...
  • i am so excited for GUITAR HERO II. ac dc. metallica. aerosmith. led zeppelin. kiss. adding a practice mode. you can play selected parts of songs. get real good at it. you can play bass. you can play dual lead. no stairway. no stairway. there are handicaps now. so maybe you'll be able to stand a chance against me. NOVEMBER THIS YEAR BITCH. NOVEMBER. YES.
last year's e3 got me pumped up...with the announcements of the new generations systems. at first i was kind of skeptical, thinking it's too soon... but oh how my view has changed. there has never been a better time to be a gamer. this year's e3 was amazing. so many great great things to look forward to in gaming. the new nintendo system will change games and how we play them from now on. the ps3 may be ridiculously priced...but every single game that i saw for it looked better than anything i have ever seen. the graphics look better than most pixar movies. incredibly detailed. bright. shiny. hd. tons of games to look forward too for the 360 like gears of war and halo3. it's only gonna get better. i expect next year's e3 to only escalate because all three systems will be out, competing, and releases spectacular games. ooooooooooooh yes.

thanks to e3, g4, gamespot, and MYSELF...cuz i'm the only one that actually reads my blog.

later noobs.

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