Tuesday, May 30, 2006


i had a very nice jeffrey day today. woke up, went to blockbuster to get some new releases to burn. went to pizza hut buffet with trent. was very good. mmmm breadsticks. came home pirated dvds all day. played a little xbox live....and watched the first season of OZ all day long. i had no idea so many well known actors were in that show, i've never watched it before pirating all of the oz dvds from blockbuster. two dudes from lost are in it (michael ((he gives a great performance as the show's narrator)) and mr ecko) edie falco from the sopranos is in it, the dude that played chett in the weird science series is in it, the black dude from ghostbusters is in it as the warden, and the dude that was the runner turned bobsled driver from 'cool runnings.' haha. really good...hbo just doesnt turn out crappy shit. it's all good tv. i have also realized that i would not make it one day in prison, being that i fear violence, gangs, gay rape, etc. well back to blockbuster one more time, then i will chill out watching the tivo-ed season 3 premiere of 'rescue me' and the premiere of 'last comic standing.' eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh then it's up at 6:50 A.M. for the first day of the summer semester class..............yuck...........later.

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