Thursday, May 25, 2006

LOST finale

just watched the lost finale. HOLY CRAP. friggin awesome. this year's best finale. freaking best 2 hours of television i've seen in a long time. the person in the sailboat was desmond. libby gave him the boat (it was her husbands') the reason the plane crashed on the island was because desmond didnt enter the numbers into the computer--and the magnets pulled the plane down? hurley kate sawyer jack and michael went off to the others, while siyeed sun and jin sailed around to scout it out first. while sailing around the island...siyeed sun and jin see the 'foot' of a giant statue...and it only has four toes??? OK??? and what was up with that crazy ass green bird who yelled "HURLEY, HURLEY???" wtf. john and desmond wanted to see what would happen when the countdown ended-and they didnt enter the numbers. they locked themselves in behind the blast doors. mr ecko and charlie tried to blow their way into the computer room with the leftover dinomite...nearly blowing themselves up. what was up with the tube were all the journal entries were shut up into...leading into a big pile on the island. the journals didnt go anywhere??? john shows desmond what printed out of the computer of the new hatch that john and mr ecko found. desmond realizes that the day he didnt enter the numbers--sept 22 2004--was when the crashed--hence it was his fault. so he tries to get john to stop the countdown--john so sure of himself smashes the computer. the countdown goes off--magnets go crazy--huge blaze of light all around the island--and a hugh thingy flies out of the air and crashes onto the beach!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so "henry gale" comes out of the little tugboat, lets michael and walt sail off...tells them to follow the compass and how to leave? but he says they'll never find their way back??? and ofcourse they leave the huge shocker for the last 3 minutes--just like last season's crazy shocker (walt getting kidnapped)--somewhere in the middle of a snowstorm two dudes see their computer that "magnetic field was activated" or something...they call someone on the phone when this happens....and it's desmond's old girlfriend from before he landed on this island.....what the now this disproves all those theories that the show is taking place in "purgatory"....that flashback was off the island...this is happening in real life. super pumped for next season....don't blow it LOST....don't blow it.....

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