Monday, May 01, 2006

exam week, UGH

waddup internet geeks? been a long, yet very uneventful weekend. let's catch you up. ummmm friday....riley and brady were i basically just sat around with them...riley and i watched finding nemo, and then alot of 'ducktales.' saturday: nothing at all. i read alot. sunday: ha was here. riley and brady came back. riley and i watched more ducktales. and we watched cinderella. ha left. riley and brady left. i chilled...waiting for the sopranos to come on. it was the best episode yet...aj is totally going to join 'the family.' which brings us up to today. first day of exam week. let's i have to go to eng112...but i have no exam...just need to pick up my portfolio. tomorrow: two exams: acen100, and astronomy. ugh. wednesday: NOTHING. thursday: sociology exam time...but no exam...just go to get grades. THEN I'M DONE WITH THE SPRING SEMESTER. i cannot wait people. and then the fun begins. saturday the 6th, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, PEOPLE! then the week after that....the biggest gaming event of the year begins: E3!! for those of you who aren't dorks: it's the biggest gaming convention of the year where all the biggest names (sony, nintendo, microsoft) will make all of their announcements for the following year. which means g4(television for gamers) will be covering it all! yay tivo! and then i guess i'm driving up to CHICAGO with family to tag's first communion. whew. that was alot huh? i'm tired of writing.

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