Thursday, May 11, 2006


waddup. let's play catch-up...shall we? well yesterday i went into fremont to pick up my comics. everything went ok...but when driving home...i sat in bellevue for like over an HOUR in traffic. it sucked sooooo bad. the rest of the day was spent being lazy. although summer is sweet....a sucky thing about it (for me anyways) is that all the good shows come to an end...and we are brought back to shitty re-run land for 3 months. ugh. so now it's time for those season finales. let's hope they're good this year. first up: veronica mars. i have so grown to LOVE this show. the only 'who-dun-it' show that keeps my interest. think the oc + columbo + lovable sarcasm+ sexpot kristen bell= veronica mars. such a great show. the first season story arc was so epic, i didn't think it would be topped, but the show's sophomore season has done nothing but make me happy. and the story arc for this season is no less shocking than the first. season finale was great. let's hope it comes back for a third season. so today i'll be watching the season finale's of LOST and prison break...and most likely blog my rants about them. after that, i'll most likely watch my tivo-ed 'e3 2006' on g4....and blog about the games i'm pumped about this year. in other jeffrey news...i got my grades today. i don't know if i should be happy...or sad...but i guess i feel kind of stupid. one b. 3 c's. gpa of like 2.15....they say 2.0 is ok and i should be happy. i did try my hardest this semester. and i KNOW i can improve. it just feels good to know that i can actually be a student if i put my mind to it. now more IW's and F's from this man. so that's it for now i guess. today will be spent watching tv like i said...finishing up this week's comics before tomorrow. cuz tomorrow we're all leaving for chicago. my cousin tag is recieving his first the whole family is going down there for sort of a mini-reunion again i guess. but i'll blog before check back.

later noobs.

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