Monday, April 17, 2006


hello. ugh i got up early this mourning. i don't know why. this is gonna be a long week, but i will be very happen when i reach the weekend. let's see.... today i just have regular classes. tomorrow, before class i meet with my advisor to schedule a summer class and next semester's classes. then wed blaaa i have to present my research paper in eng. and no classes on thursday, the 20th, ....and i'm going to see 'the comedians of comedy' @ the house of blues in cleveland!! who are the comedians of comedy? --patton oswald, brian posehn, zack galifinakis, and some chick i forget her name. should be fun.

the sopranos last night was real good. fred came over to watch it with me again. too bad there's only like two more episodes, and then they break to make 8 more.......and then no more sopranos. boo hoo.

well, i think i'm gonna go run on the treadmill, and try and wake up.

later internet.

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