Thursday, April 27, 2006


WHEW. what's up? listen to this: so i've been feeling like kind of a bum lately, so i decided to start running again this morning. but before i did that i was like "hmmm i wonder if i can do a sit up?" so i preceded to lie my back on the floor. i did 5. that was like the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. IT SUCKED. after that i did 5 push ups. after that i sat there for like 4 minutes....catching my breath. does that mean i'm out of shape? i've never done a sit up before. so then i ran, and got in the shower, and here i am sitting at my computer again. today i think i'll take a leisurely drive up to fremont to get some comics. my first class was i dont have to be at campus today till like 7 pm. last night tricked me. i want new episodes of lost. boo hoo. well atleast tonight i gets to watch new episodes of mynameisearl, the office, the oc, everybodyhateschris, and theshowbizshowwithdavidspade.

speaking of mynameisearl, i hear jason lee just got the voice role for the new 'underdog' movie:

that's it. later.

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