Wednesday, April 19, 2006

people who call wednesday 'hump day' are stupid

good mourning. so yesterday i went to meet with my advisor. even though i STILL can't schedule my classes until friday @ 11...we still got somewhat of a schedule down for me. now i still gotta go online on friday and register for myself. so now i guess i'm going to try and complete this 'associate of arts' at firelands and at the same time go for a 'bachelor of the arts' ...i guess my classes count towards both. i have decided that i'd like to major in art at bgsu main campus once i transfer, and being that they require a portfolio to get in...i'll be working on that at firelands before hand. so i guess i'm less undecided, but still undecided? ugh. went to my classes. came home. watched scrubs and veronica mars. went to bed. ummmm so today i have one class that i have to present my stupid research presentation on blogs. so today i have to prepare my presentation, i guess. then tomorrow will be fun...going to the house of blues.

ever go to ? all he does is video blog. and apparently he's turned his website into a tv station.

tomkat bobbleheads:

later internet.

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Bryan Myers said...

Mr. Jeff,

I think it's about time I told you how to correctly spell "morning". For the past year you have been spelling it "mourning", as if you are in some kind of extended grieving period every day when you wake up.