Thursday, April 13, 2006


LOST was sweet last night as usual. it was a rose/bernard flashback ep. we learned that the reason that rose and bernard came to australia is: rose was dying...and bernard brought her to australia to see a "healer"...who couldn't heal her. she was dying....until she got the the island, ofcourse. charlie and mr echoe are building a church. bernard tries to build a big s.o.s. sign on the beach but no one wants to help. locke is bumbling around trying to remember the map that came on the hatch door....when it fell on his leg. jack and kate go to meet the others, to make a of theirs, for walt....the wait forever and don't see the others...but they find michael. sweet! ...i think that's all that happened...i didn't blog while watching the ep this time so i'm probably forgetting some stuff...

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