Sunday, April 09, 2006

jeffrey's weekend

hello. how goes it? i had a fun weekend. friday i went up to fremont to get the weekly stack-o-comics. then i decided to go up to hang in toledo from there, being that i had absolutley nothing better to do. got some much missed 'ipoh' chinese food for lunch with fred and will. then me and will went over to dave's to play some video games...stopped by the comic shop in toledo...cuz fremont didn't have all the comics i wanted-ugh-to the mall to bother fred at work... and then finally we ended up seeing 'lucky never sleven' @ the mall theatre. i dunno if i liked this movie that much. it tried to be like pulp fiction the way it told the story. and enough with the plot twists...i get it already...but they kept me interested enough to sit through till the end. lucy lu is hot though. then ummm saturday didnt do that much. hang around, read the comics. sunday.... i felt like a i dyed my hair red. haha. ummmm then read some more comics....did a little school work....then went to see a movie @ the norwalk theatre with marc. we saw 'the benchwarmers' was i expected. but hey, i'm still....and prob always will be a fan of fart jokes..... so i enjoyed it. "MAKERS OF WHAT? POOP?!" soooo to end the weekend with a bang, when i am done with this post...i will conviene to my couch to watch this week's episodes of the sopranos, and big love. because it's NOT TV. it's HBO. later.

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