Monday, April 03, 2006

i want my hour back!

waddup people. not a whole lot went down this weekend. matt came over saturday night. we played guitar hero. we tried to watch 'the deer hunter.' but only got like 20 minutes into it, and turned it off. we watched tv till like 3 in the am, because of the stupid time change....i want my hour back. sunday i did a whole lot of nothing.....well, a whole lot of video game playing. the sopranos was kickass....tony is out of his coma, and running things out of the hospital. my favorite twist was with pauly walnuts, where he found out his mother was really his aunt, and his aunt was really his mother...right before she died. which leads me to today, BACK TO SCHOOL. ugh it's almost crunch time. i got like two weeks to do a research paper, that i havn't even started yet....but i'm sure that will be enough time. last week was kind of a slack off week...with going to see dave attell right in the middle....this week i gotta make myself get down to business. um let's releases for this week...

dvds: : new dvds this week: chronicle of narnia, brokeback mountain

video games: : games out this week: kingdom hearts 2 (ps2), ...and more games i don't care about, nothing good this week...really


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