Friday, April 14, 2006

a dilligent friday

tired. that's the word for today. got up early, and starting writing my 8 page research paper. the topic: "are blogs replacing the mainstream news media?" i sat at my computer with all my crap for like 5 hours straight and got it done. ugh. then i went to clean out my car. i am tired. i think im gonna eat some chicken. plans for the rest of the weekend? nothing really... family time...i guess it's like easter, or something?

reality shows are crazy. stan the man lee is coming out w/his own for the sci-fi channel. what's it called? ...wait for it... "Who wants to be a super hero?" hahahahahaha

the official clerks II trailer is now in theatres w/scary movie 4. if you are like me, and dont really want to see scary movie 4...ofcourse kevin put it online, for the nerds:


the making w/intro by kevin:

youtube is sweet. later.

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