Thursday, April 06, 2006


LOST is new this week again. yay. finally....a hurley episode.

the episode starts out with hurley declaring to lose weight. and then oh yeah, everyone found a shitload of dharma marked food. while everyone is trying to figure out how to ration out all the food...hurley sees some weird dude in a bathrobe and pajamas. he runs to follow him...trips, and falls. you'd think ya, he's just seeing crap....but then he finds a shoe. ok?

flashback. it comes back to when hurley was in the insane asylum. turns out the dude he saw on the island was some dude called 'dave' that was in the phsycho ward with him. his therapist told hurley that dave was a negative influence. (hurley was trying to loose weight and he keeps getting him to eat) he turns up on the island when food arrives?! oooooooo freaky

the hatch. jack is trying to see if lock broke his leg. siyeed and anna lucia interrogate the other that they have captive aka formerly "henry gale." they are trying to get him to tell them who the others are, and who is their leader and whatnot. siyeed almost shoots him, but anna lucia stops him.

mr echo and charlie are building something on the beach. flashback. dave and hurley are sitting in the asylum. dave is trying to get hurley to stop dieting, and stop taking his meds. back to the present. hurley is in the jungle sneaking goldfish crackers, when he sees dave and starts chasing him. he goes to sawyer asking him if he can have some pills, the same he had in the asylum. sawyer calls him crazy. hurley beats the crap out of him.

hurley decides to move back to the caves, because he's seeing dave and thinks he's crazy. he sees dave again. flashback. hurley is talking with his doctor. we learn that the reason why hurley's in there is because he killed a bunch of people. he walked out on a deck with 24 people, a deck that could only support 8 people, and a bunch of people died. he went crazy. and then the shocker: the doc shows hurley a picture that he took of hurley and the previous flashback....but it turns out it was just hurley in the pic (which means dave never existed, hurley sees imaginary people, and thats why he was taking the meds and why he wanted meds from sawyer) DUN DUN DUN

commercials. another flashback. hurley and his "imaginary friend dave" are escaping out of the crazy house. then when dave jumps out the window, hurley's, i'm not leaving, you're not real...and then he shuts the window on him. back to the island, where hurley sees dave on the way to the caves. dave is trying to tell him that the airplane crash, the island, the others, everything is not real. it's all made up. it's in hurley's brain. and he's still in the insane asylum. he never got better, he never one the lottery...he never got on that flight. so then dave takes him to a cliff where he says... jump off, and the dream will end. he jumps.

commercial. a very emotional scene. hurley's on the edge of the cliff...when libby walks up and finds him. he's about to jump, saying telling her that everything is fake. he tells her the reason he thought he saw her from somewheres was because shes just made up. he made her up. shes all like i buried a bunch of people. you didnt know about that. dont tell me that wasnt real. dont tell me that "my feeling towards you arent real." they kiss...and hurley doesnt jump.


flashback. back to the scene where the doc is taking a picture of hurley...and this time we don't see dave, so we know he was made up. but then the camera pans over, to reveal LIBBY in the asylum with hurley.


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