Wednesday, April 05, 2006

brokeback ______________(insert pun here)

yesterday i watched brokeback mountain. yeah, it was a good movie. i dunno what all the fuss was about. i guess in hollywood, when you play (gay or retarded) you are considered for an oscar nomination. it was a good movie...i could of done without the anal sex scenes....and the chick from dawson's creek that played heath ledger's wife did a really good job...

i can't think of a segway

man...sometimes i love the internet. i'll sit here like a stooge...watching the slew of stupid videos out there. speaking of supid videos, here are THIRTY SIX broke back mountain spoofs. yes, there are people out there with more time on their hands than me. i watched....ALMOST ALL OF THEM. hehe. i have no life.


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