Monday, March 27, 2006

i hate monday

omigod...i can tell it's monday, because i just want to crawl right back into bed. blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. the sopranos was awesome last night. i knew tony would come out of his coma. the next episode looks sweet. so for today, i have no class. all i gotta do is get my ass focused, to write this essay. then i can go back to the godfather videogame. then tomorrow i have normal classes...but wednesday, is fun-day! dave attell coming to toledo! so i'm going up to hang out with peeps and see one of the funniest comedians ever...later on that night. then it's back to norwalk...most likely in the a.m. ...because i have class on thursday. then it's the weekend. it's gonna be a LONG let's get this party started bitches...

new releases for the week of 3-26-06:

dvd: : dvds out this week: memiors of a geisha...and king kong! sweet.

video games: : games out this week: kingdom hearts 2...i bet alot of nerds have been ready for that....but not a very good week in games, if you AXE my opinion.


man i wanna go back to bed. responsiblities suck. later internet.

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