Saturday, March 25, 2006

friday. woke up. ran on the treadmill. took a shower. went out to brunch at pizza hut with trent. been a while. he's on spring break for the week. we came home afterwards. we watched 'everything is illuminated.' it was really good. i don't think it was supposed to be as funny as we thought it to be...but then again, i was watching it with trent. after that, we decided to go see 'v for vendetta.' yes, i've already seen it. it kicks that much ass. so i saw it again. after that trent went home to eat and so did i. later on he came back over to watch 'derailed.' eehhhh, not so good. the movie coulda been alot better if the last half an hour of the flick was edited out of the movie. but owell. after that we played a little mario party and trent went home. i let trent borrow like 6 dvds cuz i guess that's how he plans to spend his spring break. haha. been a long time since i spent an entire day where i just watched movies. it was fun. today i wake up, post on my blog, and then i guess i'll go run on the treadmill. i plan on doing absolutley nothing today, maybe catching up on some comics....

later internet.

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