Saturday, July 09, 2005


really good. the action sort of held out until the end...but it was kept me interested. the f4 are wicked awesome. oldschool. better than the punisher, hulk, elektra, catwoman bla bla bla. go see it. there are enough marvel characters to pump out movies for the next 50 years.... and i hope it keeps going. 'ghostrider' is coming up. nicholas cage. should be interesting.

went to outback last night. ate steak. i don't like steak anymore. why can't everything taste like pizza. then i would eat other food.

Try a whole new genre of video gaming: the interactive drama. Facade thrusts you into the conflict of Grace and Trip's crumbling relationship, and your interaction with them determines their future together.
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sheep jump to their death!


jason lee is my hero and he has a new sitcom coming out....LOOK NOW OR DIE

new game. killer 7. check out the gamespot review.

thats it. good bye.

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soulmining said...

Jason Lee is great, hope we get that show in the UK sometime. Thought the F4 trailer sucked, but maybe the movie isn't so bad after all...